Water is life 2

Solidarity is an inexhaustible source of happiness. It can significantly improve the life of those in need.
By acting, we preserve dignity, and we build the future. Such is the meaning of the campaign “Thirst of challenges” introduced by the CBSP. Every action helps us to concretize and establish a beautiful victory against the oversight and the indifference. Together, let us act!

A station of desalination for Gaza

To drink healthy water is a gesture of the most commonplace. IN Gaza, it is far from being the case. According to a report of United Nations,90 % of the water of the aquifer is drinkable only if it is treated.In addition to that, the pollution also affects ground waters causing numerous diseases, particularly among the children. In the face of such an alarming situation, the CBSP mobilizes for the construction of a station of desalination in the eastern region in Gaza which accounts for 200.000 inhabitants.

The project includes:

| Digging of a well,

| Station of desalination (production of 250 m3 a day),

| Acquisition of a tanker,

| Purchase of tanks with a capacity of 250 liter capacity for distribution to families.

Cost of the project:103.330 €


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