What the sponsoring ?

The sponsoring with the CBSP is an act of solidarity which consists of the coverage of an orphan, a handicapped person of a destitute child or a needy Palestinian family. This action is concretely translated by a regular financial support which will allow the godchildren to meet their food, clothing, school needs and medical.

Besides the essential financial support for the survival of the destitute people, the sponsoring is also a moral support and an emotional link which builds up itself by the exchange of correspondence. If the child reaches the majority and if he is always needy, the sponsoring will be converted in sponsoring family after your agreement of course.

With the CBSP, the hope and the smiles return …

For people in distress, the solidarity is essential because it limits the endured sufferings. She also protects the dignity of those who live constantly needy.

Established in 1990, the CBSP works relentlessly in favour of the Palestinian people with at unique objective: develop a solidarity which is in the service of the most vulnerable in direct collaboration with our local partners.

No more than twenty years later, this will to act is still present, stronger than ever. IN Gaza, in the West Bank, in the Lebanon and in Jordan, we work to the everyday life(daily paper) to bandage wounds and fill with enjoyment hearts.

Thanks to the generosity and the loyalty of his donors, the CBSP pursues its humanitarian mission so bringing a concrete and long-lasting support in domains so important

Together, let us conjugate our efforts to offer a better future!

Needy child


Sponsor a destitute child! Make happy his children, it is at first the first concern of every parent.
But when the poverty settles down durably, families manage with difficulty to meet the basic needs for their own children.
What are going to become these Palestinian families which lost everything?

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Sponsor an orphan!
Surrounded with love and with affection yesterday … Marked by the sadness and the hardship today … With the disappearance of a dear being, the life of an orphan becomes dark. Suddenly, a big space builds up itself and the distress appears. Besides the pain, this fragile being has to face every day a harsh reality.
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Poor family


Sponsor a deprived family ! Future … Prosperity … Safety … Words which remain meaningless for busy people … Oppressed people … Bruised people … To live with dignity all on his/her own establishes a fundamental law. On the ground, the reality is quite different … For decades, a wide part of the population depends essentially on the international assistance.
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Sponsor a handicaped person! Since its creation, the CBSP worried to meet the needs of people suffering from a handicap. Palestinians of any age were taken care through the sponsoring. We want above all that they keep(guard) their dignity and their autonomy. Many families are not capable of assuring expenses. Where from the necessity of acting beyond the family circle.
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In the name of the Palestinian people, the CBSP thanks for the bottom of the heart those who will relieve beings hard proven.
Sponsor a destitute child, a handicaped person, a deprived family or an orphan