Poor family

Sponsor a poor family !
Future … Prosperity … Safety … Words which remain meaningless for busy people … Oppressed people … Bruised people … To live with dignity all on his/her own establishes a fundamental law. On the ground, the reality is quite different … For decades, a wide part of the population depends essentially on the international assistance. When the unemployment and the poverty reach(af alarming levels, the distress of the Palestinian families becomes more marked in the point of unbearable future. He becomes then urgent to act to extract these families of the spiral of the poverty. Whether it is in Gaza, from the West Bank or in the refugee camps of the Lebanon and Jordan, let us be beside those who suffer in the indifference!

With the CBSP, protect the dignity !

With 100 euros a month *, you help concretely a deprived family by improving its living conditions. Thanks to your support, she feels from now on free from want. The hardship is not more than a distant memory. All these families so generously helped are full of gratitude. Never, they will forget those who changed their life by bringing to it of the enjoyment and some heat.

  • Minimum 25 euros/month
Sponsor a deprived family