Sponsor an orphan !
Surrounded with love and with affection yesterday … Marked by the sadness and the hardship today … With the disappearance of a dear being, the life of an orphan becomes dark. Suddenly, a big space builds up itself and the distress appears. Besides the pain, this fragile being has to face every day a harsh reality. A reality which threatens as well its physical integrity as morality. During the explosion of the Intifada in 2000, an extreme violence beat down on the population of Gaza and the West Bank. Year after year, the committed horrors caused the death of thousand civilians. The humanitarian situation did not stop deteriorating at every level. In the middle of the chaos and of the destruction, the Palestinian orphans call us in for help.

With the CBSP, offer of the happiness !

With 50 euros a month *, you transform the existence of an orphan and you help him to reconstruct little by little. Having lived in the anxiety and the confusion, your godchild sees his everyday life amusing itself. A new page opens for him and his. The impact of your gift will be considerable on its schooling, its health as well as on its future. An annual report will be sent to you to hold you informed. The sponsoring has no that a financial aspect, it is also an experience unforgettable and rich in emotion. To strengthen this link, the CBSP organizes meetings between godfather and godchild via Internet. In summer, we have the pleasure to welcome a group of orphans. Some of them had the opportunity to know their benefactors during their stay in France.

  • Minimum 25 euros/month
Sponsor an orphan