Needy child

Sponsor a destitute child !

Make happy his children, it is at first the first concern of every parent. But when the poverty settles down durably, families manage with difficulty to meet the basic needs for their own children. The poverty engendered by the unemployment is not the unique reason. It is possible that the parents or one of them are reached by a disease, by a handicap or is held. How can we grow and bloom in these conditions? In 2004, the CBSP spreads the concept of sponsoring by the implementation of a program of support intended for the destitute children. To sponsor, it is to act effectively in favour of the most elementary rights. Go to the school, look after itself, dress and feed decently. It also is to create an immense hope in the heart of these children

With the CBSP, restore the smile !

With 50 euros a month *, you contribute to the good to be of a needy child. Your precious help will be of a big help for the family within which the child lives. She protects your godchild of any health problem such the malnutrition which hinders the growth. For you, it is a beautiful proof of solidarity! For them, it is a big relief! You will find in the complete file which will be sent to you all the necessary information. It will be also possible to you to contact your godchild or to write him.

  • Minimum 25 euros/month

Testimony of a godmother of the CBSP :
” I always wished to bring my help and my support for the Palestinian people. The numerous sufferings which he endures for years cannot leave insensible. In 2005, I sponsored an orphan child thanks to the CBSP, an association which was deeply recommended to me by friends. I had, between hands, Waed Mohammed Mas”s file oûd Za’ ghrab. It was a small old Palestinian, at the time, of a few months. For me, it was a great moment of happiness and emotion. (…) Beyond the financial support, the sponsoring allows to create real links … Today, my goddaughter is 6 years old, the same age old as my daughter. Waed lives at present with his five brothers and sisters to Rafah, a city which is in the South of Gaza, near the Egyptian border. By phoning recently, we have “

Sponsor a destitute child