Sponsor a handicaped person !
Since its creation, the CBSP worried to meet the needs of people suffering from a handicap. Palestinians of any age were taken care through the sponsoring. We want above all that they keep their dignity and their autonomy. Many families are not capable of assuring expenses. Where from the necessity of acting beyond the family circle. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the CBSP established a special fund which allows him to lead specific actions in their direction. This is the way we finance, year after year, projects of social reintegration and supports the centers specialized from the point of view of the care and of the material. Support too our united actions in favour of the disabled people in a regular or punctual way!

With the CBSP, limit the suffering !

With 50 euros a month *, you bring a moral and financial support for one person in situation of handicap, whatever is the nature or the cause. In a difficult context, it is essential to maintain our help. The sponsoring represents an effective and long-lasting way to be as closely as possible to this vulnerable population. Your gesture will take away the indifference and the isolation which deteriorate their fate. Let us help them right now to surmount the difficulties bound to their infirmity! The file which will be sent to you contains besides the photo of the beneficiary of the information concerning its case. It is possible to you to come into contact directly or to write him

  • Minimum 25 euros/month
Sponsor a handicaped person