About Us

TheCBSPis a French NGO (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) which acts permanently in favour of the most vulnerable Palestinians and brings them an invaluable support in various domains.

Thanks to your generosity, we act in any circumstances with the most vulnerable. Our commitment is even more vital when tragic events arise.

TheCBSPhelps those who suffer in Palestine. Year after year, we protect the dignity, bring of the happiness and build the future. It is our mission and we pursue it!

The solidarity it is at first acts …

The distress of people cannot leave unmoved especially when it lasts for decades. It is necessary to act, to be there, to rescue. In brief, mark his presence to limit the sufferings.
Since 1990, the CBSP helps the most vulnerable. Those who lost everything. Those who live constantly in the poverty. The injustice which they undergo to the everyday life(daily paper) requires(demands) from us a strong mobilization.
Today more than ever, we have to strengthen our commitment towards the Palestinian people.
Today more than ever, we need your invaluable support to pursue our humanitarian mission.

Together, we can offer of the happiness and a better future in the most deprived.Beforehand and of any heart, we thank you!

We make a commitment!

The CBSP makes a commitment, towards his donors and partnersto respect transparency and information in the affectation and the management of its funds , and be equipped with all the guarantees to bring the proof of its good management.
Our annual accounts are the object of a permanent control by member statutory auditor of the regional Company of Paris. Financial reviews as well as reports of execution of our projects in Palestine are available for consultation by our donors in the office of the association.

Without hesitating …

The CBSP works at being as closely as possible to deprived Palestinians. That they live in Gaza, in the West Bank either in the camps of the Lebanon and those of Jordan. It is our duty.

Without you …

The CBSP could not act. Without you, no project would be born. Today, the CBSP intervenes all year round in several domains.


Let us work together for a stronger solidarity !


The team of the Committee of Charity and Help to the Palestinians | CBSP

Mahmood Zuheir

Mahmood Zuheir


Mouloud Bouzidi

Mouloud Bouzidi


Lyes Benkhaled

Lyes Benkhaled


Youcef Benderbal

Youcef Benderbal